Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ, showcases world’s top snowboarding destinations

Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ,

July 18, 2021

Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ, showcases world's top snowboarding destinations

Snowboarder Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ, explores three of the world’s most renowned places to indulge in the sport.

Snowboarding has exploded in popularity in recent years, says Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ. Routinely attracting newcomers to ski slopes everywhere, the sport is now over 50 years in the making. Around the 1960s, a recent resurgence in interest in snowboarding has put it squarely back in the spotlight. That’s according to aficionado Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ, as he offers a closer look at some of the world’s top snowboarding destinations.

“A man named Sherman Poppen first developed snowboarding in the U.S. in 1965, inspired by skiing, skateboarding, and surfing,” explains Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ, an avid snowboarder from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Millions of people, he goes on to reveal, now travel the world each year to embrace the sport, predominantly in Europe and the U.S.

With that in mind, the New Jersey native is keen to offer a closer look at some of the planet’s top places to visit for snowboarders. Cole himself has traveled extensively in pursuit of the best snowboarding that the world has to offer. On his travels, he’s also developed a similar passion for other sports, including surfing and scuba diving.

Travel has been limited for much of the past year or more due to ongoing global events. However, rankings from 2019 and before still hold true when it comes to the best places to snowboard, according to Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ,. Reflecting Cole and the majority of other avid snowboarders’ views, toward the top of any list, he says, must be Cervinia in Italy.

Cory R. Cole of Brielle, NJ ranks Cervinia, Italy top for snowboarding

“Cervinia is famed for its extensive terrain, first and foremost, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike,” suggests snowboarding expert Cory R Cole of Brielle, NJ. “Situated on the border between Italy and Switzerland, and with good quality snow almost guaranteed year-round, it offers miles of long runs, many with breathtaking views of the iconic Matterhorn,” he adds.

His second pick, meanwhile, among must-see places to snowboard, is slightly closer to home. “A view shared by most snowboarders, Snowbird in Utah frequently ranks highly on any list of the world’s best snowboarding destinations,” reveals Cole.

Again famed for its extensive terrain, Snowbird is popular with both skiers and snowboarders. “The snow here is incredibly light, with powder quite unlike anywhere else on the planet,” Cole points out.

Finally, Cory R Cole of Brielle, NJ, turns briefly to Chamonix, France. “No list of the world’s top snowboarding destinations would be complete without a mention of Chamonix,” says Cole. Steep, rugged, and more suited to experienced snowboarders, it’s also perfect for freeriding, he reports.

“What’s more, Chamonix offers snowboarders a unique opportunity to drink in the wonder of the famous Mont Blanc,” adds Cole, in closing, “from the comfort of a historic ski town packed with countless traditional and charming features not found anywhere else.”